Sunday, March 11, 2012

Prairie Fashionistas - Taking Back the Farms!


Farm girls are supposed to be practical - I am sure most people do not realize that women on farms have worn their own sort of burka for decades. It consists of variations of plaid and denim and tractor maker baseball hats, as borrowed from large men, covering up everything except the eyes. It probably has something to do with cows not respecting a woman yelling at them as well as they do a man.


I argued with my grandparents. I tried to tell them that there was no reason one could not be fashionable when tending to one's chores around the barnyard. I mean with all the advances with acrylics and such, worry over breaking a nail are greatly lessened. Being in high heeled platforms is actually a bonus when one considers one might be stepping into fresh cow pies AND heels make excellent substitutes for spurs on horses.

If one needs to put their arm up a cow or a horse to help deliver a calf or foal, there is no need to waste time rolling up your sleeve IF you are already wearing a strapless mini dress.

With all the Zumba classes, gymns everywhere and free steroids, women are much stronger without having to look like Uncle George. A little Make-up and perfectly coifed hair makes a woman feel special when she is spreading manure over the fields or slopping out the pig pens. It makes the day go a little easier.


I don't have all the answers for the prairies but I will make more up as time goes by. I am just saying that even Barbie, as perfect as each rendition is, keeps improving herself. We should do the same. We are not "Ken" people ... forever left with genetic ambiguity and most often used just as an accessory for Barbie ... we are Farm Barbie ... proud, strong, and tired of shopping for clothes in a hardware store.

It just is not fair that Grandpa has the better women's clothes in his closet. On the hayride of life - I wanna be a fashionista!!

SKIN: WOW Skins Moonlight skin DarkLove make up
HAIR: ! SugarsmacK !: Lorne : Bombshell Blondes
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Azure Light
LASHES: *Anymore...... Kitty1
DRESS: ::VMC:: Devon - Blue
SHOES: BM Ultimate Perdita Blue
POSES: Epiphany
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