Saturday, March 3, 2012

Resident Evil or Beware the Swans (ducks and geese are good to go ...)


As a child I looked evil in the face and laughed. I thank my brother for that, he prepared me ...


I figured if we abandoned the premise that evil could be reasoned with then we were all going to be stuck with every whim that any politician could come up with ... and maybe because I was still a child ...I was NOT willing to abandon the world to evil politicians.

So at night when the swans would hide in my room and sit there in the dark peering at me trying to scare the snot out of me and they would not close their eyes even though I threatened them ... I just said "pfft ... easy peasy you long necked losers ....I can just close my eyes and there you go ... if I can't see you, you don't exist and the rules of terror say you can't touch me if my eyes are closed and the blankets are over my head."


And thus I, a mere child, defeated the evil swans.

The swans were pissed but they knew I had them over a barrel. They would slink off into the dark and find another kid to terrorize. The evidence of their evil crusade can be seen in how many people have abandoned the world to evil politicians. They just don't make kids like me much anymore ....

HAIR: TRUTH< Vicky - light browns
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
LASHES: E'Dior Beauty- eyelash 06
DRESS: My Precious Agnes Rose Angel Violet
SHOES: Stiletto Moody Bare Fay (ColorSet)
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