Monday, March 19, 2012

Responsible Parenting.


My hubby and I spent the weekend immersed in news reports, studies, compelling talks caught on video, research reports and government, community and education pleas. We leafed through parenting sites and magazines, listened to compelling music and saw a thousand pinterests with children in distress begging us to care.

It is clear, our children are being stalked, bullied, abducted, maimed and killed. They can trust no-one. Nothing is as it seems. I may be hurting my own children by what I feed them or don't feed them, by hugging them too much or not enough, and even by choosing the wrong toothpaste. There is no way to protect them. There is no hope.


With that in mind I sent the children to school today with a note for the principal explaining that from now on my children would arrive at school hermetically sealed in bubble wrap, blind folded and with earphones in only allowing them to hear ancient monks chanting. I would appreciate it if they would put them in a safe cupboard until school was over and returning them to us in the same condition as when they arrived.


My hubby said this is our absolute last try at parenting ... if we fail this ... we are just going to surrender, admit defeat and hand them back ...

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