Saturday, March 24, 2012

Save a Model!! It's an Economic Green Peace Kinda Thing.

hungry hungry hippo 1

Further to my post yesterday where I showcased my worldliness by referencing "National Geographic" which I think makes me part hipster/nerd/greenie or a "Greenhipnerd" as I often refer to myself ... I had a brilliant idea on how more models could be employed!!

hungry hungry hippo 2

Just think if they started using models in some of those National Geographic shoots with the wild animals? I mean models and a wildebeest stampede .. what is NOT to LOVE about THAT? And BTW I bet you are wondering how come the wildedudes got away with spelling beast wrong? Ever argued with a stampeding herd of wildebeests? Think polar bears only dustier.

So, in the interest of promoting more work for models ... I took these shots. I kind of like the idea of some of those models being in life and death situations in the raw wilderness. I mean the life and death situations on the runway are so yawn at this point. After awhile even Janice Dickinson seems pretty tame and you can only threaten to eat so many times before that gets old.

So ya, models in the wild .. think about it ...

hungry hungry hippo 3

...oh oh OH ... OR ... what about Models as bait?? I mean with completely pretty ribbons and stuff like I used here ... and colour coordinated rope and traps of course. You wouldn't have to use worms or rabbits anymore and man wouldn't that be a relief to the people in PETA???

Save a worm, throw a model instead... they need the work!!

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