Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sizing Up The Competition.

new competition 3

Life is interesting huh?

new competition 1

I always love it how, when asked about who we are, we roll out a list of things we DID years ago, trying to qualify ourselves for the Popularity Olympics or, in this new social networked world, the "Like" Olympics. (got to have a strong index finger to make that mouse click)

Yup so we stand and tell everyone how 10 years ago we were an extra on a movie set, or our picture was in the paper, or we almost made it big ..... Then we give them a bunch of excuses why we were almost big back then but not big today. We want to be big by an ALMOST association.

But life moves on and yesterday's race is over. It is kinda like standing around on the race track telling everyone how we made the podium last week and then while we are busy trying to impress everyone, the new competition shows up, and the people who are still athletes are running a race and surpassing our efforts ... today.

We are who we are here today, right now. The cheering crowd has all headed home and are probably stopped at a McDonalds somewhere along the way picking up a burger and complaining that they are still hungry. Don't feel too bad, no-one even remembers to won Miss 4-H 20 years ago, let alone that you were runner up.

new competition 2

Besides, sleeping without your beauty crown is much more comfortable and you are less disappointed in yourself when you can look in the mirror and say, "I am a great person today" instead of "20 years ago I could have been a contender ..."

And they may say scrap booking is big on Pinterest - but carrying yours around with you, no matter how much lace you have glue gunned onto it .... is not cool.

HAIR: [Shag] - Black Tie Affair - Dark Shades
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Trojan Blue
EARRINGS: aDiva couture Julana Salsa Jewellery (no longer available)
NECKLACE: Addiction Tranquility Necklace Onyx
BELT: J and W Jewelers Neveah Spirt Belt
PURSE: Ayumi (no longer available)
JACKET AND VEST: My Precious Agnes_Susan Black Set
PANTS: >> ezura << Virile Brocade : Charcoal
BOOTS: Aluinn Slouch Boot

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