Saturday, March 3, 2012

Skin & Hairs Hunt - Bitch Tail Angelic

Bitch Tail Angelic 1

My good friend has a 6 year old son who was overheard one day instructing his 4 year old brother when his brother told him to "shut-up" (as brothers are sometimes wont to do)

"You can't say that."

"Why Not?"

"'Cause 'shut-up' is a crust word."

"It is not!"

"Is too!"



"F**k is a crust word."

"I'm TELLING MOM you said 2 crust words!"

Bitch Tail Angelic 2

This just kind of proves a whole lot of life's realities for me.

1. Older Brothers are not that smart.
2. The younger child knows much more about the important things of life.
3. While technically 'shut-up' is not a 'crust' word, the mother is going to insist it is for as long as she can get away with it.
4. One man's 'crust' word is just plain bread for another man.
4. We all grow up and use 'crust' words whenever we can get away with them which is why I think Bitch Tail is a cool name and just another reason you should shop there. Trust me. I am after all, the younger child.

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