Sunday, March 4, 2012

Skin & Hairs Hunt - DOLLz Valentins

Dollz Valentins 1

I was never impressed with dolls growing up ... even when they tried to fool little girls by making them walk and talk and pee themselves. Maybe there is something wrong with me that I am not that impressed with people with lack of bladder control. I mean come on ... most 3 year olds have that mastered and move on to learning to get candy out of the house, past mom, in their arm pits.

Dollz Valentins 2

So I tended to dress up the farm animals and make them be my dolls. Cats were good, although the tail was always an issue. Puppies were darling and even sometimes the baby ducks ... but I have to say those calves just would not co-operate and changing their diapers was wayyyyy too realistic for me.

You are lucky ... these DOLLz are potty trained and FREE!!! You just have to find them in the great Skin & Hairs Hunt.


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