Sunday, March 4, 2012

Skin & Hairs Hunt - LpD Skins Sally

LpD Skins Sally 1

Sally was the little sister of Dick and Jane of elementary literary fame. Sally never actually said it but I could tell she was wearing hand me down clothes and she was bitter.

I think there should be a Dick and Jane reunion and we should be able to see the damage done of all those years of having their lives on display. They may have been the first real reality shows and if someone had taken the time to document what happened to them all after all those kids moved on to Junior High and things like Love Story, The Exorcist and Alice Cooper ....well ... we might not have been so willing to follow the likes of the Kardashians around.

I am just saying. Sally could be the poster child for reality star psychological damage.

Not THIS Sally though .. she is hot!! AND extremely well adjusted. You can have her for free from LpD Skins and the Skin and Hairs Hunt!

LpD Skins Sally 2

LpD Skins

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