Saturday, March 3, 2012

Skin & Hairs Hunt - MTC Designs Daniella

MTC Designs Daniella 1

I, being the consummate professional, tried this out in reality first so that I could be assured of bringing a realism to my virtual work.

MTC Designs Daniella 2

May I just say that climbing naked over the trees puts on in real danger ... and it is not just from the rough bark of the tree or pointy branches or even from the other cats prowling around that you have to fight off for a good tree limb ... there are all those nosey people that insist on watching a professional at work. I tried to shoo them away and tell them it was not as glamorous as it looked but you know town folk .. they are just so cute and impressed with impressive people like me.

Of course the police are another matter entirely. They don't seem to give a flying fig about professionalism or virtual reality.

I think I made the front page of the local newspaper though but my hubby says my real life skin is nowhere near as nice as these skins from MTC Designs and these ones are free ... I won't tell you what I have had to pay for mine over the years and the damn thing still wrinkled!

MTC Designs

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