Monday, March 5, 2012

Skins & Hairs Hunt - KYXE Skins Alyssa

KYXE Skins Alyssa 1

A Rose by another name COULD be "Alyssa" .... I mean it could be "George" too but that would be silly and not lend itself to doing this blog post so we will go with it could be "Alyssa." If you feel the need to argue with me could you go and look at my facebook page under my real name and see the flood pictures around my house and feel sorry for me and skip the arguing ... I have a headache and it is hard to type with water wings on ok??

KYXE Skins Alyssa 2

So ya ... a "Rose" could be an "Alyssa" and then people would be going "wow, my boyfriend got me a dozen Alyssa's for my birthday." Well have I got news for you ... you don't have to wait for a boyfriend or even the one you have to buy you something. You don't have to wait for your birthday ... you can have a dozen "Alyssa's" ALL on your own ... TODAY!!!

Just go hunt for them at the Skins and Hairs Hunts, click the KYXE gift 12 times and voila ... a dozen Alyssa's. You will have to buy your own vase though ... we can't throw all caution to the wind ... the wind is busy doing other things ... like swirling the storm around and around and around my house so that the rain causes flooding.

KYXE Skins

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