Friday, March 2, 2012

TFUH Cannibell and Persefona


I think it is important when you have special little tips on life ... that you should pass them on. It is kind of like a public service announcement and seriously there should be some kind of citizen award for helpful people like me.

I just wanted to mention that you and your hubby should have some kind of agreement that when he is going to mow the lawn on a hot day that you not do work with the headset on OR that if you are going to, that you remember to unlock the back door. That way, when he is done and sweating like crazy, gasping for breath, and normally he comes up to the pool, strips off and dives in and then sneaks into the house through the back door ... he can do so without scaring the neighbours, children or small animals.


Being naked running around the house looking for an open door will certainly not kill you BUT .. being the wife with the headset on who locked the backdoor ... THAT is the cause of more deaths for women each year than you can even imagine!

SKIN: Filthy Vanessa cream
HAIR: LollipopZ Lilly
EYES: My Precious Agnes Finney: Forever Eyes Sweet Memory and Pure Summer Green
JEWELLERY: Persefona TFUH Hunt "Pola in Glow"
LINGERIE: #8 TFUH: ~Cannibelle Claudine Lingerie Rose
#8 TFUH: ~Cannibelle Claudine Lingerie Teal

The Fresh Unknown Hunt. Ever wondered how to find the NEW DESIGNERS!!! This hunt is right up your alley as it involves ONLY New Designers. Runs from March 1st - March 31st.
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