Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wow Skins Jasmine

Jasmine Wow Skins

I always thought Jasmine sounded so exotic ... you know when you read all those romance novels growing up about the Jasmine in the air ... right before the kiss ... where the breasts are heaving ...

I tried to explain that to my hubby .... that the Jasmine is supposed to overwhelm him with romance, not make him close the window and swear about the smell making you feel nauseous.

They leave that part OUT of the romance novels on account of who would ever get married or join dating sites, or go on match cruises, or buy valentines if they knew the truth? And as for heaving breasts .... trying to heave them into your bra is not the same as heaving under the tight bodice of your dress like in the romance novels. And running off into the night just means that you had better take a flashlight because it is highly doubtful anyone is coming looking.

I guess we have to cut them some slack cause reality TV was not big yet, we were still happy with fantasy and illusions ... which, when you think about it ... it is the only plausible answer,when you look around you at most middle aged couples, to "what the hell were you thinking?"

Skins in SL are much much easier and WOW is definitely worth checking out ... soooo many choices!!

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