Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yearning is Highly Underrated and Not Celebrated Nearly Enough.


You know how they used to have hope chests and every young girl was busy filling her chest with things that would one day help her get a good start on her marriage? Well they did away with those and replaced them with showers and being registered at 100 stores and spreading the word that any guest that shows up with any gift worth less than $500 will be shot on sight ... (and sat at the kids table)


But if you think about it .... we are steeped in the tradition of weddings. Not marriage per se ... but we love ourselves some weddings and I think it sucks that they are pretty much restricted to people who are getting married. We should loosen the hold on that fairy tale and invite in the not interested, the unattractive, the unloveable, the too bossy and the plain outright bitches. We should let women everywhere wander the streets in full wedding gear and let them yearn .... yearn for someone to have a wedding with.


If it is ok for people without jobs to beg for money then by the same argument ... women should be able to yearn for weddings and instead of throwing money, people could throw a wedding! I have seen those shows on TV, it is not THAT hard ... they let men do it for their brides all the time and they only have an hour before "Hoarders" comes on. I am not saying I love all the table decorations but some actually don't suck.


Anyway ... I am taking it to the UN ... if it was ok for our foremothers to make fools of themselves stuffing a smelly trunk with doilies (like those ever saved a marriage) and tea cups and pin cushions then surely we have the right to make complete asses of ourselves too. AND think of the boon to the wedding dress industry and how much fun it will be to have something to dress up for.

I have to go, I know I technically am already married, but don't tell me all those people begging on the street are homeless either. My girlfriend is picking me up and we are going to a yearning ... I just have to get this tulle out of my butt and I am good to go ....

SKIN: FILTHY March Group Gift
HAIR: Action Womens Hair Eleanore
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Azure Light
LASHES: Amacci ~ Prim Lashes "Allure"
JEWELLERY: Donna Flora VIVIAN pearl set
RING: P.C; Water Over Wine Ring
GOWN: Son!a Trance Slim Golden
POSES: MiaMai and Avimote
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