Monday, April 30, 2012

Bliss Who?


 I think, I am not completely sure, that I heard "The Hallelujah Chorus" this morning when I got out of bed and sat down at the computer.


I would like to think it was The Hallelujah Chorus only because I enjoy my fantasies, especially the ones where I matter to God and to my fellow Human Beings and on the momentous occasion of my return to blogging after a forced absence due to my computer dying .... the angels attended ... I am THAT important. 


However, I also recognize I am becoming deaf thanks to the frogs that insist on serenading us all night and that there is always the possibility that it was neither "The Hallelujah Chorus" or the angels singing and just a neighbour singing "9 to 5" while imitating Dolly Parton in his shower. (please don't ask) 

In which case, my brother was right, everyone hates me and you should just ignore what I have written here, look at the pretty pictures and continue to ask yourself, "Bliss who??" 

 SKIN: .::WoW Skins::. Tori Tan Smoky
HAIR: ""D!va"" Marie
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
LASHES: *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Flair*
JEWELLERY: Ear Candy ~ Life in Tarnished Silver
RING: Kunglers Extra Lotus Ring
BED & POSES: Glitterati

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Death of the Black Swan - Contact Ballet.

Death of the Black Swan 2 

 I have always said that so so many things would be wayyy more fun if we just made them contact sports. Ballet is one of them.

  Death of the Black Swan 1 

 I decided to put on my own ballet - I don't let things like the fact I started my training later in my life (like yesterday) or that I am not sure exactly how many men it would take to lift me .. get in my way. 

I saw the Black Swan. 

I have seen Swan Lake. 

Now I did not have a lake but I had the psychosis part down pat. 

I got out there on stage, nodded at the handlers and they let the swans loose. I extended, I pointed, I twirled I Plee A'd. I even did a Plee Pretzel at one point. I leapt, I stomped (hard to take the clogging out of the girl) and I yearned (with my eyes). I fluttered .... 

 ... there was a lot of screaming and feathers flying everywhere. Swans can be very very nasty and I felt to sacrifice the realism was to sacrifice my integrity as an artist.

  Death of the Black Swan 3 
 I am sorry about what happened to my neighbour who agreed to play the part of the "others" in the ballet company but the important thing is I WON!! 

  Contact Ballet - coming soon to a theatre near you!!

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Eva Tan Makeup 4
HAIR:  *booN KZK736 hair black
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Trojan Blue
EARRINGS:  Eolande's Butterfly Charmer Aurora SILVER
OUTFIT:  A&A Fashion Your Swan Outfit I *Black
BOOTS:  Baby Monkey
POSES:  Fly Lily

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Friday, April 20, 2012



We are dealing with a member of parliament here who has lied about traffic tickets and suspensions etc etc - oh and he was appointed as Minister over the Police in Queensland. He clearly thought the rules were for the "other people."

Lots of people claim they did not know the rules and who could know all the rules with so many people just making shit up - like how fast you should be driving, and that you should pay your traffic tickets, and that a member of parliament should set an example and tell the truth.


Some rules are even more important. In one of the states in the US it is illegal to entice people to play Bingo by enticing someone with a goldfish. Another rule is it is illegal to keep a donkey in a bathtub ... well how the heck do you know these things? These are clearly VERY IMPORTANT rules. I just wanna know how we are going to get people to play Bingo anymore and where ARE we supposed to put the donkeys?

I like rules though, they are fun. I like watching how serious people get over enforcing "their" rules and how important they feel. I think they should be allowed to carry guns to enforce their rules too. Just think of how much easier it would be to clean up all us errant bloggers who do "nothing but whine," "write crappy blogs" and make "stupid pictures."


Most of all I like breaking rules.

See this is a picture of me breaking rules. This is me whining, writing a crappy blog, and forcing stupid pics on the unsuspecting masses.

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NECKLACE: A BirdSong Ishtar Flower
SHOES: SLink Sydney II Stilettos Black
POSES: Del May

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Vant To Be A Star.


I love those videos all over the place where a bunch of people start dancing and singing in a mall or a train station and everyone stops and watches them and sways along, or dance in place, or mouth the words and then they take pictures and clap and clap and clap .... is that cool or what?


I just don't get how they get everyone to start dancing with them. I have tried leaping around and grabbing people and twirling them and lifting their arms and moving them with me and people just kick at me and run screaming to security.

Where are the people who are open to doing that? Can I get some of them to move into my town?

I have sooo much experience in this area. The cows always went along with it in the barn while they waited around to be milked. Cows can really move if they get over their stage fright and just let themselves go. And if you think about it ... they are naturals for clogging ... they have hooves people ... built in cloggers.


Cows are ok but they herd - they don't mob and they are not good with flashes ... I think it reminds them too much of the stun gun used in the meat packing plants. I mean I could just go with the cows in the mall but you know what ... I am sick of the cows showing me up .... once they bat their baby browns who is going to look at me? And how can I compete with udders being flung all over the place? I am not nearly as built as a cow.

I want to be the star ... just once....

SKIN: FILTHY April. - Filthy group gift
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Forest Green
LASHES: Garage #23
GOWN/SHOES/EARRINGS/HAT: Tresor by Sonatta Morales *8*

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MyDear Heidi.

MyDear Heidi

Heidi was one of my favourite books growing up - the whole series. I am not sure whether it was Peter running around after her in his lederhosen, the yodelling or the way they made goat milk, cheese and bread sound like something we all wanted to be eating ...

I hated the movie, it was a big disappointment ... not at all the cast of characters I had assembled in my head.

This Heidi does everything BUT yodel and I think someone is working on that. If you know where the yodeling huds are in SL, give us a shout. I like my "Heidi's" to be able to yodel.

MyDear Skins.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ahead of the Crowd.

Ahead of the Crowd 2

Growing up on the farm we seldom had crowds unless we were in church. Farmers have a great need to show up on church on Sundays, I would tell you why but it is the secret of the prairies that we are sworn to take to the grave ... so when you get to heaven, find me, and I will blab everything ...

Ahead of the Crowd 1

So being resourceful ... and not wanting to miss out on a thing that normal non-farmer people do and ever worried that I would be 18 and people would mistake me for 80 because my social circle consisted of my grandparent's friends (both dead and alive) ... I had to find some kind of a substitute. You guessed it ... cows/crowd ... 3 matching letters ... they won over the chickens.

It is really hard to figure out which direction the "crowd" is moving in so that you can get ahead of it. Cows tend to just meander wherever they want. The only way to get them moving in a uniform direction is to get your brother on a horse, behind them, herding them. I needed his help in order to learn the skill of "staying ahead of the crowd."

Unfortunately I should have been more specific about the speed in which he needed to "move them." One moment they were mere specks in the distance and I was well ahead, looking good, and the next minute their hooves were pounding behind me and I instinctively knew that I was sort of "not ahead."

Ahead of the Crowd 3

I was "Under the crowd" and then "eating the dirt of the crowd" and the "hoofed by the crowd" and then "hoofed by my brother's horse" and then the crowd was gone ...

And then I sort of thought ... I can wait for this valuable life skill ... the crowd is in the city ... how bad can they be? At least they won't have horns and hooves. They are sure to be much gentler and kinder.

Boy was I naive.

SKIN: .::WoW Skins::. PinkStar april group gift
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POSES: Fly Lily

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WOW Skins Eva.

WOW Skins Eva

You know when you get a lolly pop as a kid and you are thoroughly enjoying it and sucking away ... and then some snotty girl named "Laureli" or something like that, comes along and she has some fancy "pretty" lollipop which could taste like crap for all you know, but she is licking it and mincing away, bouncing her curls with every movement of her head ... and you just want to punch her?

That happened to me a lot when I was growing up. I had the regular green sucker (I always got stuck with green) and my brother always had the pretty heart shaped pink or red one. And damn I hated that his hair had curl ... and bounce ...

...Oh ... and I did punch him....

WOW Skins.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Just Tell Them The Truth.


I was pleased to see someone finally decided that we should call a spade a spade - or in this case - nursery rhymes and fairy tales - horror stories.


Advocating that we fatten children up and eat them or bake birds in a pie or even celebrate black plague by "ringing around the rosey" is pretty traumatic. I couldn't eat apples for years especially if the person handing it to me looked "wicked queenish."

I cried every time my grandmother offered me candy and would often grab my brothers hand and run to hide under the bed.

Beans .... terrified me. The colour red? Picnic Baskets? Pigs that could talk ... bridges (always had to look under them) and I never ever could relax with dragons.


They also gave us unreal expectations. Like now I have house full of rubbed lamps and old carpets - duds - every one of them. I have kissed so many toads I have warts on my lips. AND I have never been able to grow my hair longer than my waist so what chance do I have of getting a prince up into the tower with me?

I collected Garden Gnomes and cried when they neither sang nor did housework. No matter how hard I tried I could not change rats into horses.


Consequently my life is full of disappointments and make-do's. It is true no-one tried to fatten me up and eat me .... well not the eat me part any way ...and I didn't get a prince so I settled for a swell husband ... kind of the same but not as shiny.

I think they should just tell the truth to kids ... like "once upon a time ... you are born, you grow up, a bunch of shit happens, you laugh, you cry, you survive and then you die. No-one lives happily ever after mainly because that implies there is no end and there is an end. Like to this story. THE END. "

It would be more realistic. It would help free up some time for mom and dad as the bed time stories would not take as long to read and it would keep sheet and wallpaper choices for children's bedrooms down to a manageable selection of choices.

SKIN: ::DS:: Lyric Riesling
HAIR: Maitreya Aisha II - Blonds Pack
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LASHES: Garage #23
JEWELLERY: Gems & Kisses - Extreme Nobility - Gold - Miniset
OUTFIT: [AaG] KYRA - Leather-Fur Outfit
POSES: Diesel Works

MyDear Irene.

MyDear Irene

Another spectacular offering from MyDear! You know if I could just get leaves and bubbles and scarves to co-operate in real life ... a person might get away with running naked through the supermarket ....

Meanwhile the neighbour continues to perv and I must say ... if there was a committee to award trophies for creativity - he should win one. Blowing leaves at 6:00 at night (dark already) when you have been in the house all day on a beautiful day, is brilliant! It gives another excuse to walk along the side of the house where there are no leaves and no-one can even see and be able to perv in on our house. In fairness, we had guests over so it was probably pretty exciting for him. AND he can't see in the windows until it gets dark so you know .. bonus points for him I guess.

Saturday, April 14, 2012



I like Autumn. I always did. I liked the reminder that we can all have a summer of fun and then life resumes and we turn back to substance and reality ...


And the leaves fall off and the bears go to sleep and the TV shows all gear up for a new season and somewhere else in the world they are pulling out their bikinis while I put mine away ignoring the cheers of everyone else who attended the beaches this summer ...

I used to like that you could refer to the idiot you dated over the summer as a fling and that with your returning eyesight also came your sanity. I liked that you often "went away" in the summer so that no-one you knew actually saw you dating the idiot.


I hated that life somehow felt the need to teach you lessons and smack you upside your head and most of all I hated the Wright brothers for making international travel possible and the University for accepting foreign students and the fact that the idiot I had my summer fling with ended up sitting next to me in class in my psychology class.

How did I miss that he had so many nose hairs? Could a person really be that drunk that nose hairs became irrelevant?

SKIN: [:ME:] Invidia Light Brown Skintone
HAIR: *booN ARK554 hair black
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Forest Green
LASHES: Garage #23
EARRINGS: Donna Flora MOON set
DRESS: My Precious Agnes Suki Champ (Mesh)
SHOES: SKGShoes - Bella - Gold FABFREE
LOCATION: Rose Theatre

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Like a Couple of Love Birds.


I blame credit Skylar Smythe for this post. I read her blog on Passion this morning. She was lamenting that no-one slow dances anymore and longing for the romance of it all.


I was trying to encourage her by letting her know that as you get older the magic all comes back. It is like you get a taste of it in your youth and then you wander the dessert for 40 years - which we refer to as "getting married and raising a family" when you can't even remember where you put your naughty bits let alone find your partners and frankly ... everyone is too exhausted and on the verge of a complete mental breakdown ...AND don't forget MOTHER IN LAWS ... they really mess things up the romance department sort of loses out too ...

And then one day you wake up and there are no kids and no mother in laws in the house anymore, and you can take a day off now and then, and have holidays .... AND you are no longer so obsessed with perfection - having fallen off the pedestal some years earlier when you climbed up there yourself and discovered none of the people you put up there were "all that" - it was all done with smoke and mirrors ... AND you aren't worried about getting pregnant or about keeping up with Debbie or anyone else in Dallas for that matter .... and it occurs to you....

Your life is pretty much your own and you can listen to what music you want to and dance (and anything else you want to do) anytime you want. You look across at the person who weathered the storms with you and although he is a little softer, a little more wrinkled and a little less heroic in his stance ... he still looks good in tights and a cape ... if you have a sense of humour and luckily you BOTH do! You realize that he loves you both because and in spite of yourself and that there is no-one you would rather share the rest of your life with.


And even if you can't remember where you put the darn CD with those romantic ballads you used to dance to, oh so close, luckily you both remember the song and you can hum them to each other, in your kitchen, in the middle of the day ....

Romance no longer has to be searched for or scheduled ... it lives in both your hearts and spills over into every moment of life that you share. At least that is the way it is at my house. And yes, I am very thankful.

SKIN: [MyDear]Heidi Tan
HAIR: HAIRY SITUATION Disturbia (no longer available)
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Forest Green
LASHES: Garage #23
RINGS & BRACELETS: *A Birdsong* Webed Silver Bracelet Ring Set
CORSET: MAAI WEAR GRAY 2012 - " Roxy " mesh corset, exclusive
SHOES: Kalnins Shoes - Dante
POSES: Del May Poses

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tinsel Me Baby!


This outfit is sooo wow that it is off the wowiness scale! AND more importantly, it proves a very important point I have always importantly made ....


Christmas decorations are WASTED on Christmas Trees! They should either be food, toys, fridge magnets OR Fashion wear. Some can be all of those things although, I do admit, hard to be an effective fridge magnet when it has the stomach and body of 200 lb male attached to it. I am not saying it CAN'T be done .. just that once eaten, you will need to make sure you thought to attach some powerful magnets to get that same super stick on power we have come to expect from our fridge magnets. ...

After I saw this I went and dug out the Christmas decorations and glue gunned tinsel all over my pants and top ... I did hubby's too on account of he hates it when everyone is always looking at me when we go out in public so I thought ... share the glory ... right? How good am I?


I know he was a bit upset with me but I swear that the other guys on the golf course will be so jealous of his tinseled up shorts against those muscle-y tanned legs of his. He sparkles now .... really sparkles ... mainly because I also attached the twinkle lights and fit his hat with a solar panel so he never has to be twinkle-less again. All his buddies will go home crying for their wives to "tinsel me baby!"

SKIN: ~Hush~ Emily Skin
HAIR: *~*Damselfly*~*Holliday Black Pearl
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Purple + Blue
LASHES: Garage v.23
JEWELLERY: :: PM :: Kenya Set in Platinum
OUTFIT: **GizzA** HotHeaded Outfits
SHOES: BM Ultimate Nevada

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MyDear Caelyn

MyDear Caelyn

I like that some adults like to play "pretend" even when they are grown up. We talk so much about keeping that child like wonder and imagination alive and nowhere is it more evident than in our treatment of the human body. We like to pretend we don't have any naughty bits and we like to pretend that we are all pretending.

In this picture of these fab Caelyn skins from MyDear we are pretending that the we are all looking at the leaves and that we are clueless what is behind the leaves and that leaves are that interesting. Personally I think the leaves draw your attention right to those spots and make you think about them more than if the picture was just "unleafed." but we are not even going to go there ok?

So "leaf" the discussion about nudity alone and go and buy some skins - sorry leaves are not included.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Little Piggy Went to Market.


Everyone wants a pig. They are pink and cute and you tie a little bow around their neck and what is not to love? You take them shopping with you and people are all over you and everyone ignores those fluffy puppies shoved in purses.


You have to be different people ... I met a lady once who pushed around a bunny she dressed up and laid in a baby carriage ... it went everywhere with her. The bunny just laid there and couldn't move. It was like a rag bunny, but a forced rag bunny on account of it takes real strength to hop free of 300 lbs of crinolines and lace.

But pigs are the new puppies. Get one.


And don't be fooled into thinking that you can put a bow on the existing pigs living in your home and have the same effect. Naked husbands on a leash with a bow around their neck are just not welcome in most shopping centres. (but do check out Zindra - they are pretty cool with just about anything - a friend told me that ...)

SKIN: [MyDear]Hygeia Skin
HAIR: Alli&Ali Kandy Hair Cherry
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Purple + Blue
LASHES: Garage v.23
JEWELLERY: Indy&Co.: Suha Beads: Honeysuckle
SKIRT: [LeeZu!] Nuage MESH Skirt /pastel dots
JACKET: [LeeZu!] Viola Vintage Blouse /white
SHOES: *Urbanity* Extreme Rose Heels V.2
PURSE: *LpD* - *My Beauty Case* Bag Classic Pink

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Hush Skins Emily

Hush Skins Emily

Every once in awhile something comes along at just the right time and it is exciting. I really like these new skins from Hush. They are sort of dreamy and soft and suited my mood when I opened them.

Hush Skins Emily 2

The fact I was eating those special brownies had nothing to do with it ...

Check these out they come with tons of options and several skin tones.

Hush Skins.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Covert Activities We Know and Love.


Don't you hate it when you are dressed to the nines and suddenly you have to perform some kind of covert activity and you really need your hip waders but your forgot to tuck them into your bag??


How can any self respecting woman hold her head up amongst the rest of the gossiping conjecturists IF she cannot sneak around and look in from a distance and make assumptions about what is being said, what is happening and what it all means? How can we carry on the age old traditions of tattling on one another and breaking up long standing friendships if we cannot perform our covert activities with ease??

I thought fashion was finally paying attention when they came up with hip waders in heels but then after all these guys started asking me "how much" I checked and found out those boots were for a different type of covert activity. It might have helped if they had called them "hooker boots" right from the start.


Until fashion wakes up to this we are going to have to continue to sacrifice our wardrobes. Basically if something says dry-clean only .... you are pretty safe to assume it will not survive a night in the swamp.

HAIR: !lamb. Stereo - Chocolate Bars Pack
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Turquoise Light
LASHES: Tameless Lashes 22
DRESS: Apple May Designs - Sabrina - Sand
BAG: **SHINE** Mesh Satchel bag Nude
SHOES: p.c; Suede Platform Pumps / Wrapped - Jima
POSES: Essential Soul

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shamaleean Women.


"She's such a sham-a-lee-an."

"A what?"

"A shamaleean woman ... you know the type ... she changes who she is to suit whatever environment that she is or who she is with?"

"Do you mean like a Chameleon?"

"A what???"

"Umm never mind go on .... "

And she did ... and she went on and on and on telling the women around the table all about "Shamaleean women" and how they behave. And she had many other words and phrases that she butchered while we dutifully butchered the chicken in our salad and asked one another to pass the lemon water.


I began to nod with her and told her I understood completely what she meant and wondered how one might get diagnosed as a "Shamaleean" if one suspected one might be one? What were the warning signs? Oh and BTW ... did she do talks or workshops on it because I could not be sure but I was thinking, after hearing her, that we might have a "Shamaleean infestation" in our area.

She gave me a litany of symptoms that came slowly at first and then as she got into it ... flowed from her mouth ... well no that is not exactly right ....they sort of tumbled and spewed ...a combination ... they "spewbled." Some of them were ...

Women who knew the exact same subject as the woman speaking - like "if you are talking about children being potty trained suddenly she has a story about potty training her kids that is almost the same as yours" I am not making this stuff up folks, that was her example.

Women who started dressing like the other women, "so if you wore a blue dress, they would show up with the exact blue dress." I asked her if Bridesmaids were given a pass on this qualifier because you know ... they were asked to dress the same? She had to think about it for a moment.

Women who "order chocolate ice cream with one friend and then they go the next week with a different friend and they order vanilla." This was her example of how women change to impress who they are with.

So a "NON-Shamaleean" is steady and constant and who she is and never ever copies anyone or changes her opinion, ideas, preferences etc.

I wanted to assume the position and turn myself in right then and there. I told her that. She asked me why.

"LOOK AT ME!!! ... YOU have on a pink dress and SO DO I!!"

"Yes, but you didn't know when you came that I was wearing pink ..."

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Don't you SEE? THIS is how it starts. I came here in a blue pant suit and since we have been eating, I changed into a Pink dress because I soo wanted to be like you. What is more, ... you ate chicken ... and so did I. You ordered the fruit dish for dessert and SO DID I! I am a SHAMALEEAN WOMAN! I AM SO FREAKING ASHAMED! WHAT DO I DO NOW???


Well it turns out she had to go, and she really did not know how to fix me. She was just a diagnostician. I did hear that she told the organizers that she did not want to be put at a table with me again .... she thinks I may be a bit off balanced.

I sent her a gift certificate to the pet store ... for a chameleon of course. I just refuse to be part of the dumbing down of anything and besides ... I think I owe to women and their luncheons everywhere.

SKIN: AKERUKA Lisa Group Gift
HAIR: [BURLEY]_Pippa_Blacks
EYES: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Turquoise Light
LASHES: - DAMNED - My Perfect Eyelashes <3
JEWELLERY: Zibska ~ Lupe Jewelry Set
SHOES: (Nushru) Tealy Glimmer

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Looking for Magic.


Inspired by Game of Thrones I decided that I was going to look for Dragon Eggs this Easter (hey how would anyone know the difference, kids think bunnies give you eggs??)and I figured that if I was lucky I might find me some horsemen while I was at it.


I have done the whole traditional Easter thing ... years of kids and chocolate, years of church and the scars to prove it ... I was committed! When my daughter commented that she thought it was amazing that we lived in the same city where Christ was crucified, I marched her straight to the library and checked out the book, "Binky the Bunny and That is a Freaking 'G' NOT a 'V'!" While Calgary was a swell place to live it was definitely NOT Calvary.

Once she conquered her speech impediment she was able to move right on to mastering other holidays ... like why if "cold turkey" helped so many smokers quit, more people weren't able to make the most of Thanksgiving?


Anyway I did not have much luck with the dragon eggs or the horsemen ... I did see an old farmer on a donkey but even if I squinted against the sun ... I couldn't make believe him into a horseman. Maybe it is because I think most of the horseman had all their teeth.

I guess that is what happens when you get older and hate chocolate ... you lose some of the magic ...

SKIN: WTGH .::WoW Skins::. Sally WTGH
HAIR: !lamb. Sweet Pea - Refreshed Blondes Pack
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Purple + Blue
LASHES: AIMESI Eye lashes 1
GOWN: VERO MODERO / Cage Gown Gold

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JeSyLiLo Kitty Kitty Kitty!

JeSyLiLo Kitty

Now THIS is a Kitty that everyone can have in their home and feel really good about it.

JeSyLiLo Kitty 2

This Kitty is already house broken and comes with lots and lots of options so you are not just stuck with"tabby" when you want "siamese" or "calico" or something ....

JeSyLiLo Kitty 3

This Kitty does not howl at the moon - well unless you get one of the special sex huds ....

JeSyLiLo Kitty 4

There is no need to even spay her as she comes complete with the Planned Parenthood stamp of approval and has graduated from the finest Finishing school where she not only learned to behave herself .... she also can pour a mean cup of tea.