Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ahead of the Crowd.

Ahead of the Crowd 2

Growing up on the farm we seldom had crowds unless we were in church. Farmers have a great need to show up on church on Sundays, I would tell you why but it is the secret of the prairies that we are sworn to take to the grave ... so when you get to heaven, find me, and I will blab everything ...

Ahead of the Crowd 1

So being resourceful ... and not wanting to miss out on a thing that normal non-farmer people do and ever worried that I would be 18 and people would mistake me for 80 because my social circle consisted of my grandparent's friends (both dead and alive) ... I had to find some kind of a substitute. You guessed it ... cows/crowd ... 3 matching letters ... they won over the chickens.

It is really hard to figure out which direction the "crowd" is moving in so that you can get ahead of it. Cows tend to just meander wherever they want. The only way to get them moving in a uniform direction is to get your brother on a horse, behind them, herding them. I needed his help in order to learn the skill of "staying ahead of the crowd."

Unfortunately I should have been more specific about the speed in which he needed to "move them." One moment they were mere specks in the distance and I was well ahead, looking good, and the next minute their hooves were pounding behind me and I instinctively knew that I was sort of "not ahead."

Ahead of the Crowd 3

I was "Under the crowd" and then "eating the dirt of the crowd" and the "hoofed by the crowd" and then "hoofed by my brother's horse" and then the crowd was gone ...

And then I sort of thought ... I can wait for this valuable life skill ... the crowd is in the city ... how bad can they be? At least they won't have horns and hooves. They are sure to be much gentler and kinder.

Boy was I naive.

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