Saturday, April 14, 2012



I like Autumn. I always did. I liked the reminder that we can all have a summer of fun and then life resumes and we turn back to substance and reality ...


And the leaves fall off and the bears go to sleep and the TV shows all gear up for a new season and somewhere else in the world they are pulling out their bikinis while I put mine away ignoring the cheers of everyone else who attended the beaches this summer ...

I used to like that you could refer to the idiot you dated over the summer as a fling and that with your returning eyesight also came your sanity. I liked that you often "went away" in the summer so that no-one you knew actually saw you dating the idiot.


I hated that life somehow felt the need to teach you lessons and smack you upside your head and most of all I hated the Wright brothers for making international travel possible and the University for accepting foreign students and the fact that the idiot I had my summer fling with ended up sitting next to me in class in my psychology class.

How did I miss that he had so many nose hairs? Could a person really be that drunk that nose hairs became irrelevant?

SKIN: [:ME:] Invidia Light Brown Skintone
HAIR: *booN ARK554 hair black
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Forest Green
LASHES: Garage #23
EARRINGS: Donna Flora MOON set
DRESS: My Precious Agnes Suki Champ (Mesh)
SHOES: SKGShoes - Bella - Gold FABFREE
LOCATION: Rose Theatre

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