Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Vant To Be A Star.


I love those videos all over the place where a bunch of people start dancing and singing in a mall or a train station and everyone stops and watches them and sways along, or dance in place, or mouth the words and then they take pictures and clap and clap and clap .... is that cool or what?


I just don't get how they get everyone to start dancing with them. I have tried leaping around and grabbing people and twirling them and lifting their arms and moving them with me and people just kick at me and run screaming to security.

Where are the people who are open to doing that? Can I get some of them to move into my town?

I have sooo much experience in this area. The cows always went along with it in the barn while they waited around to be milked. Cows can really move if they get over their stage fright and just let themselves go. And if you think about it ... they are naturals for clogging ... they have hooves people ... built in cloggers.


Cows are ok but they herd - they don't mob and they are not good with flashes ... I think it reminds them too much of the stun gun used in the meat packing plants. I mean I could just go with the cows in the mall but you know what ... I am sick of the cows showing me up .... once they bat their baby browns who is going to look at me? And how can I compete with udders being flung all over the place? I am not nearly as built as a cow.

I want to be the star ... just once....

SKIN: FILTHY April. - Filthy group gift
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Forest Green
LASHES: Garage #23
GOWN/SHOES/EARRINGS/HAT: Tresor by Sonatta Morales *8*

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