Monday, April 2, 2012

In My Room.


Remember how when you got sent to your room it was no biggy. I mean we were never restricted to JUST a computer, television and cell phone to play with ...


We had sheets and blankets. We could make a fort, or a tent, or a castle ... we could create anything and once we passed through that door into our blanketed world ... we were transported wayyyy beyond the confines of 4 walls and the gestapo parents standing guard in the living room.

We grow up ... it is true ... but we all take those games with us into our adulthood as cushions against a world that seems to have checked all things not technical at the door .... Our understanding grows and things are no longer that innocent but still ...


I mean we all did that right? So when my hubby came in this morning and started screaming at me asking what I was doing, he had just made the bed .... how could he not see that I was in an Arabian tent ... about to be chosen by the Sultan???

I mean he had to have heard the vibrator ....

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