Monday, April 16, 2012

Just Tell Them The Truth.


I was pleased to see someone finally decided that we should call a spade a spade - or in this case - nursery rhymes and fairy tales - horror stories.


Advocating that we fatten children up and eat them or bake birds in a pie or even celebrate black plague by "ringing around the rosey" is pretty traumatic. I couldn't eat apples for years especially if the person handing it to me looked "wicked queenish."

I cried every time my grandmother offered me candy and would often grab my brothers hand and run to hide under the bed.

Beans .... terrified me. The colour red? Picnic Baskets? Pigs that could talk ... bridges (always had to look under them) and I never ever could relax with dragons.


They also gave us unreal expectations. Like now I have house full of rubbed lamps and old carpets - duds - every one of them. I have kissed so many toads I have warts on my lips. AND I have never been able to grow my hair longer than my waist so what chance do I have of getting a prince up into the tower with me?

I collected Garden Gnomes and cried when they neither sang nor did housework. No matter how hard I tried I could not change rats into horses.


Consequently my life is full of disappointments and make-do's. It is true no-one tried to fatten me up and eat me .... well not the eat me part any way ...and I didn't get a prince so I settled for a swell husband ... kind of the same but not as shiny.

I think they should just tell the truth to kids ... like "once upon a time ... you are born, you grow up, a bunch of shit happens, you laugh, you cry, you survive and then you die. No-one lives happily ever after mainly because that implies there is no end and there is an end. Like to this story. THE END. "

It would be more realistic. It would help free up some time for mom and dad as the bed time stories would not take as long to read and it would keep sheet and wallpaper choices for children's bedrooms down to a manageable selection of choices.

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