Friday, April 13, 2012

Like a Couple of Love Birds.


I blame credit Skylar Smythe for this post. I read her blog on Passion this morning. She was lamenting that no-one slow dances anymore and longing for the romance of it all.


I was trying to encourage her by letting her know that as you get older the magic all comes back. It is like you get a taste of it in your youth and then you wander the dessert for 40 years - which we refer to as "getting married and raising a family" when you can't even remember where you put your naughty bits let alone find your partners and frankly ... everyone is too exhausted and on the verge of a complete mental breakdown ...AND don't forget MOTHER IN LAWS ... they really mess things up the romance department sort of loses out too ...

And then one day you wake up and there are no kids and no mother in laws in the house anymore, and you can take a day off now and then, and have holidays .... AND you are no longer so obsessed with perfection - having fallen off the pedestal some years earlier when you climbed up there yourself and discovered none of the people you put up there were "all that" - it was all done with smoke and mirrors ... AND you aren't worried about getting pregnant or about keeping up with Debbie or anyone else in Dallas for that matter .... and it occurs to you....

Your life is pretty much your own and you can listen to what music you want to and dance (and anything else you want to do) anytime you want. You look across at the person who weathered the storms with you and although he is a little softer, a little more wrinkled and a little less heroic in his stance ... he still looks good in tights and a cape ... if you have a sense of humour and luckily you BOTH do! You realize that he loves you both because and in spite of yourself and that there is no-one you would rather share the rest of your life with.


And even if you can't remember where you put the darn CD with those romantic ballads you used to dance to, oh so close, luckily you both remember the song and you can hum them to each other, in your kitchen, in the middle of the day ....

Romance no longer has to be searched for or scheduled ... it lives in both your hearts and spills over into every moment of life that you share. At least that is the way it is at my house. And yes, I am very thankful.

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