Saturday, April 7, 2012

Looking for Magic.


Inspired by Game of Thrones I decided that I was going to look for Dragon Eggs this Easter (hey how would anyone know the difference, kids think bunnies give you eggs??)and I figured that if I was lucky I might find me some horsemen while I was at it.


I have done the whole traditional Easter thing ... years of kids and chocolate, years of church and the scars to prove it ... I was committed! When my daughter commented that she thought it was amazing that we lived in the same city where Christ was crucified, I marched her straight to the library and checked out the book, "Binky the Bunny and That is a Freaking 'G' NOT a 'V'!" While Calgary was a swell place to live it was definitely NOT Calvary.

Once she conquered her speech impediment she was able to move right on to mastering other holidays ... like why if "cold turkey" helped so many smokers quit, more people weren't able to make the most of Thanksgiving?


Anyway I did not have much luck with the dragon eggs or the horsemen ... I did see an old farmer on a donkey but even if I squinted against the sun ... I couldn't make believe him into a horseman. Maybe it is because I think most of the horseman had all their teeth.

I guess that is what happens when you get older and hate chocolate ... you lose some of the magic ...

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