Monday, April 2, 2012

Mirror's Enigma Invidia

Mirror's Enigma Invidia

My grandmother used to always say, before I went out somewhere ... "remember there are two things that nice clothes cannot cover up ...dirt and a loud mouth." What she was trying to say was that nice clothes are not all that. There are lots of other things nice clothes cannot cover up but she was assuming that my breasts were never going to get that big anyway.

I just wanted to let you know that when grandmothers say things like that they want you to nod your head and get it. Because that is what they did when they were told it by their moms. AND that is what I expect when I say it to my daughters. (What? I am VERY traditional! When have I ever needed things to make sense in order for me to carry on tradition?) No-one actually stops and thinks these things through or tests them out ... well I did ... BUT you are NOT supposed to.

After numerous tests dirty and not, shouting and not, nice clothes-not so nice clothes and no clothes at all ... I observed the following. Dirt is pretty irrelevant. Clothes, nice or not, can indeed cover dirt up. Having a loud mouth can move people along very quickly so they really don't notice or do not care if your clothes are nice. BUT if you take your clothes and ball them all up and place them OVER your loud mouth when you are talking, they can, technically, cover up a loud mouth. However, being without any clothes, nice or not, garners much more attention, regardless of whether you have a loud mouth or not... so I think we have been going about this completely wrong and the saying should be amended to say "remember no-one is going to notice your nice clothes if you are naked." Now THAT could be a cross-stitch worth keeping.

If you do feel the need to put old sayings under the microscopic scientific eye, make sure you know what you are doing, after this particular experiment one guy followed me home and is the living room as we speak ... grandma is just getting him some tea. Also remember that sometimes the results are best kept to yourself. I victory dance in private places so as not to disturb anyone. If people knew how much I know about things ... they would be completely envious.

You can have a naked body just like the one above (but you can feed your avatar) just head out to Mirror's Enigma. Second Life - no need to be envious, just scan her, buy some Lindens and go shopping ...

Mirror's Enigma
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