Thursday, April 12, 2012

MyDear Caelyn

MyDear Caelyn

I like that some adults like to play "pretend" even when they are grown up. We talk so much about keeping that child like wonder and imagination alive and nowhere is it more evident than in our treatment of the human body. We like to pretend we don't have any naughty bits and we like to pretend that we are all pretending.

In this picture of these fab Caelyn skins from MyDear we are pretending that the we are all looking at the leaves and that we are clueless what is behind the leaves and that leaves are that interesting. Personally I think the leaves draw your attention right to those spots and make you think about them more than if the picture was just "unleafed." but we are not even going to go there ok?

So "leaf" the discussion about nudity alone and go and buy some skins - sorry leaves are not included.

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