Monday, April 16, 2012

MyDear Irene.

MyDear Irene

Another spectacular offering from MyDear! You know if I could just get leaves and bubbles and scarves to co-operate in real life ... a person might get away with running naked through the supermarket ....

Meanwhile the neighbour continues to perv and I must say ... if there was a committee to award trophies for creativity - he should win one. Blowing leaves at 6:00 at night (dark already) when you have been in the house all day on a beautiful day, is brilliant! It gives another excuse to walk along the side of the house where there are no leaves and no-one can even see and be able to perv in on our house. In fairness, we had guests over so it was probably pretty exciting for him. AND he can't see in the windows until it gets dark so you know .. bonus points for him I guess.

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