Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Peacock Proud.

Peacock Proud 2

My grandfather used to come up with sayings he thought were clever life lessons. He didn't bother with the Old Wives, mainly because he had one of his own, but he just sort of made his own arrangements with life.

Peacock Proud

He liked to talk about the little Bantam roosters as being "cocky," and he loved how the peacocks strutted around. "Strutting" was fine for men, it seemed, but he later pointed out that women who are "strutters" are most likely "rutters." No amount of National Geographic explanations that the male of the species carried on this behaviour to attract the female and therefore, technically, the male was the sex-fiend .. was going to deter him. He knew this. He knew because he needed a cleverly disguised lesson to keep me from dressing too flashy and thinking I was hot (see dirt and loud mouth discussion here)

My grandfather even got some peacocks for the forest behind the house .... I don't know why more farmers did not think of that ... peacocks, cows and wheat .. what is not to love? I am sure the fact peacocks were left out of the lyrics of "Oklahoma" and "Home on the Range" was just an oversight.

Oh WAIT ... maybe it is because the damn things never shut up and we already have the prairie wind to send us over the edge, constant screaming is just too much. In fact, it only took a week of that noise for none of us to care how amazing they looked when they spread their tails and strutted.

Peacock Proud 3

It only took a couple of days longer before the forest was suddenly silent and no-one ever heard from the peacocks again. No-one even mentioned peacocks. None of us actually knew for sure what had happened, except that grandma had shotgun residue all over her hands that did not wash off for a week and she walked around with a strange smile on her face. Grandpa was put on some heavy duty medication and he had to listen to music when he was all alone for hours on the tractor in the fields.

I continued to strut and think I was hot. I know it may seem like I never listened to my grandfather, but that is not entirely true. Despite how much I may have wanted to at times ... I never scream in the forest. It is one of the valuable lessons from him that I will cherish for my entire life.

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