Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things Are Looking Up!!


So the neighbours who were living in each other's pocket, obviously fell out during a wash. All I know is it happened on a camping trip and now there is no singing, skipping or talking going on. No rumours are ricocheting around neighbourhood about us. WE are not the "spawn of Satan" anymore. They have not hurled an accusation at us, a rock, or even tried to perv in our windows for almost 2 weeks. AND we never even got a ceremony or anything to hand over the spawn ... or whatever ....


 I feel kind of empty and alone right now. I suddenly want to watch episodes of "Toddlers and Tiara's" or "Celebrity anything" to see the old has-been beauty queens and commiserate with them and their sense of loss, their emptiness, their angst at standing on the pinnacle of knowingdom and then the abrupt reality of unknowingdom when you are no longer the head that holds the crown ... I wanna hang with Vanessa Williams (she is my hubby's cousin and I am sure she would have words of encouragement for me ....)

It is that moment when you realize that all that is probably left for you is to go on some reality rehab show or doing Jenny Craig commercials. It is over. Your fame is done.


My hubby pointed out that maybe we could be friends with the neighbours now. I told him life was not a Disney Movie and the bad guy does not turn out to be a softy that everyone ends up loving. This is the real world and we are supposed to judge and detest people forever, no matter how nice they pretend to be. Only idiots are fooled by rehabilitation, transformation and metamorphosis.

He made a little throne for me and a tinfoil crown and told me in his eyes, I will always be the "spawn of Satan."

He just gets me.

SKIN:  AKERUKA Blanca skin
HAIR:  Tameless Hair Bonnie
EYES:  IKON Sunrise Eyes - Caribbean Blue
NAILS:  MoonDance: Square Extra Short French Filligree
EARRINGS: U&R Fugue Pierce
NECKLACE:  Swallowtail  Full Prim Necklace red
JACKET:  Maitreya Short Trench Jacket * Chamoisee
SKIRT:  The Secret Store - Chiffon - Granny's Roses
BOOTS:  BM Lainie Suede Ankle Boots All Colour Pack
LOCATION: Rose Theatre

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