Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tinsel Me Baby!


This outfit is sooo wow that it is off the wowiness scale! AND more importantly, it proves a very important point I have always importantly made ....


Christmas decorations are WASTED on Christmas Trees! They should either be food, toys, fridge magnets OR Fashion wear. Some can be all of those things although, I do admit, hard to be an effective fridge magnet when it has the stomach and body of 200 lb male attached to it. I am not saying it CAN'T be done .. just that once eaten, you will need to make sure you thought to attach some powerful magnets to get that same super stick on power we have come to expect from our fridge magnets. ...

After I saw this I went and dug out the Christmas decorations and glue gunned tinsel all over my pants and top ... I did hubby's too on account of he hates it when everyone is always looking at me when we go out in public so I thought ... share the glory ... right? How good am I?


I know he was a bit upset with me but I swear that the other guys on the golf course will be so jealous of his tinseled up shorts against those muscle-y tanned legs of his. He sparkles now .... really sparkles ... mainly because I also attached the twinkle lights and fit his hat with a solar panel so he never has to be twinkle-less again. All his buddies will go home crying for their wives to "tinsel me baby!"

SKIN: ~Hush~ Emily Skin
HAIR: *~*Damselfly*~*Holliday Black Pearl
EYES: IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Purple + Blue
LASHES: Garage v.23
JEWELLERY: :: PM :: Kenya Set in Platinum
OUTFIT: **GizzA** HotHeaded Outfits
SHOES: BM Ultimate Nevada

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