Wednesday, May 2, 2012



Ever noticed how many activities we do where we wear costumes that are completely impractical to the task at hand?


We don't have those problems on the farm. You grab whatever is old and ugly and you wear it. You wear more of it if it is cold and less of it if it is warm. There are no limit, you can wrap anything around your face to keep the cold or the wind or the dirt out and you can wear anything under your outer layer - the only requirement being warmth. Cows, gophers, fence posts and wheat -none of them care - they are fashion numb - happy to live and let live .... And human farmers they don't care either. No-one checks the men to see if they are actually wearing their nan's flannel jammies. I think this is why the gay population exploded when all those cross dressers left the farms and moved to the cities. It is also why there are so many farm women living alone in their later years, wearing silk lingerie and swearing off flannel forever.


I think we wear costumes when we go to the gym and the beach. Pretty little skimpy outfits that would never hold up to either sweat or chlorine. I think people should insist on truth in advertising and have these outfits properly relabelled as "hunting outfits." Instructions - "Wear, stand or lay, purse lips, thrust chest, and wait. Prey will soon be attracted to bait, swimming stroke, muscles, your half naked body.

SKIN: [Hush] Lily Skin Cream
HAIR: TRUTH Lana - light blondes
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
LASHES: *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Flair*
FLOWERS: Indy&Co Airedale Floral Barrette Coral, Magia Passion Flower in Blue
OUTFIT: GCD - Caribe Kini & Mesh Skirt (Ocean and Sun)
SHOES: Kalnins Shoes - Coquette
POSES:  Fly Lily

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