Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Filthy Skins Jenny.

filthy skins jenny 1

When you are a kid and mess up your paints you just get this black mess.  When you grow up and become an artist you mix your paints and suddenly you have a masterpiece.

filthy skins jenny 2

I just would like to point out that when you are a kid, mixing your paints and then working with paper is the problem.  Mixed paints on flesh tones (such as a brother) or on cows produce completely different results.  I know it is not an art form regularly practised by adults but it is not completely lost either.  Check out the Canadian prairies for the cows and my brother.  If you look closely you will still find hints of the most lovely greens and purples.

The purples are not as nice as the ones found on my butt (long since faded) but they are pleasantly pleasing ... for a purple, I mean.   Evidently farmers are not big on anyone sprucing up the cows or their "farmers to be."  I think that is why the countryside is pretty free of graffiti still.  It has nothing to do with the lack of artistic nature incurred within the being known as farmer .... and everything to do with the thick wood planks that can be used on backsides.

Please note there is no bruising on the Filthy Skins backsides.  These girls are NOT farmers.

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