Thursday, May 31, 2012

How I Celebrated 18.


I don't know about the rest of you but I could not wait until I turned 18.


I put beads in my mouth for 20 minutes and did not swallow them or choke. I ran with scissors and was puncture free. I crossed a busy street without someone holding my hand - although I had to pry my brother off of me he was hanging on to my leg and screaming that we would all be killed .... he was older and still wore his crash helmut when he went outside - even on dates ....

I left my crusts on the plate and still had hair on my chest. I didn't drink my milk and my hair was still curly and I did not even check my underwear before I went out for the night. I crossed my eyes for ages and they didn't even stay that way. I ate raw potatoes and did not get worms.

It was pretty wild let me tell you. I didn't care. I was young and foolish and testing all the limits. I had to know the truth even if the truth was not pretty .... and it wasn't ...


It's a scary world when you realize the people who raised you are completely off their gourds and spent their life making up a bunch of senseless inane rules to indoctrinate you - but skipped right over "sex." At least I got right on the sex part and started some serious study to make up for the big hole in my education.

If you think I am a mess you should see my brother .... a grown man still driving around in a crash helmut with an abnormal fear of beads and scissors is not pretty.

I thought he would catch on when he didn't have a single chest hair despite eating all those bread crusts ...

SKIN:  [Hush] Daisy Skin - Blue
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