Friday, May 18, 2012

Hush Skins Grace.

Hush Skins Grace

I always thought that parents who named their kids Grace were just trying to big note their kids.  You know how everyone says at dinnertime .... "Who will say Grace?"  And I imagined some girl sitting their with ringlets and a big bow ala Nellie Olsen on Little House on the Prairie, looking soooo smug .... and some poor little straight brown haired girl without any bows, crying into her salad because her name is never called out for meals.  How fair is that?

I think parents use names like that to gain advantages for their kids.  It is like those damn Wise boys - like THEIR parents didn't plan to have 3 boys and gain a monopoly over the Wise Men roles for the next decade. 

There is so much more to think about these days though ... like someone really should name their kid "Nobody" so that when they click on the "Like" buttons we now live and die by ... it says "Nobody likes this." 

Hush Skins.

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