Friday, May 25, 2012

Mirror's Enigma Socordia for Skin Showcase

Mirror's Enigma Socordia 1

Ydreece Forster offers us Socordia for the Upcoming Skin Showcase running May 25th - June 10th. Along with 3 skin tones to choose from you have the choice of 3 different make-up packs for each. Above we have the Base pack.

Mirror's Enigma Socordia 2

The Sloth pack is another example available and contains, as do all the packs, a variety of choices in additional make-ups - eyeshadows and lipstick, teeth, and nails.

Mirror's Enigma Socordia 3

The Smokey pack above is another example. All packs come with shape options and eyes and the choices for hairbase and cleavage.

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