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I never quite got the point of Needlepoint. For much of my childhood I though needles were weapons...


... effective things to push into your older and annoying brother. Needles were easily hid, yet lethal weapons, one could get away with carrying for one's own self defence. Unlike today, back in those days, they frowned on children carry guns.

Of course, being a Fashionista, I learned that needles had a significant connection to fashion and it was not long before I was using them to pin earrings onto my Barbies.

Then a woman graduates to Needlepoint ... there are stages. They can be summed up as follows:
"I am a wife now, I want to do some lovely things for our home."
"I am a mother and I want to make some lovely things for my wonderful child."
"I am poor, I want to do home made Christmas presents this year."
"My parents are gone, I want to cross stich a family tree."
"I am old, I want something to do with my hands."

I kinda failed at the steps though on account of once the kids became teenagers I resorted back to using needles as weapons AND I found it cost more to buy the supplies to MAKE all those crafts, not to mention the hours doing it, and then as soon as you start doing needlework all these strange older religious women seem to gather around you and offer you egg salad sandwiches.


I was kicked out of the needlepoint community and told to try pottery ....

SKIN:  [Hush] Skins - Marin Natural Honey
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