Monday, May 28, 2012

The Prairie Couch.


For years I set up my little couch out in the cow pasture and counseled the gophers and the wheat. Later came the cows and an occasional Hutterite that would wander past ... and of course my brother who would beg for me to help him but sadly I had to turn him down on account of it would not be professional for me to counsel family and besides I had already told my family there was no hope for him and they should go straight to electrical shock therapy. I was prepared to bend the rules if they went that route ... I wanted to be the one to turn the electricity on ....


So it was not much of a stretch for me to start setting up a little couch in the parking lot of the church. I figured those folks could really use the help. The cool thing is that I could leave the couch there during the week on account of no-one stole anything on the prairies. When you have all that wheat to capture your attention there is just not much room for anything else. Wheat is the manna of the farmer mind ... you live eat and breathe wheat ... you dream wheat ... it is lucky any of them could take time off to find a wife ...seriously ...

Leaving the couch in the church parking lot came in handy on Friday Night dates when we needed somewhere to go to make out. It was still therapy ... just another kind ... where the therapist gets very involved with the patient. I invented "hug therapy" long before any of those doctor shmoctors came up with it let me tell you ....

Later I moved the couch to my school and I was responsible for saving a whole generation of farmers, opening their minds to other possibilities besides wheat.


And that was pretty much about the time that farmers started growing canola and began to steal from one another ....

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