Friday, May 4, 2012



I was born to glitter.


Glitter paints came out big when I was a kid and everyone immediately pretended we had lost all of our crayolas and we set about forging notes from our teachers for our parents.

Dear Mrs. Bliss's Mom;

Blissy needs to have sparkle paints for the next section in Social Studies. We are going to study Paris and you just cannot do Paris without glitter. Please buy her the big expensive pack. I think it is important for her self esteem and her long term psychological outlook that she be allowed to have the biggest and best pack of glitter paints in the whole school. She is my favourite student.

Love Blissy's Teacher.


I glitter painted everything. My brother, the cows, the hired men, the church hymnals ... even some Hutterites who came by to sell chickens. People don't like to admit it but glitter lifted everyone's spirits. The prairies were a happier place for a few days back in the seventies and there was hope. Even Toronto liked us a bit more then and some French Canadians actually relocated ...


But glitter pens run out, and so do chances, and the glory days of the prairies came and went .... like a prairie wind, catching tumbleweeds .... and me .... and tossing us out ... gently whispering ... "Go ... be free, you were meant to glitter on a bigger stage...." So me and the tumbleweeds got the hell outta Dodge and I cannot speak for the tumbleweeds ... we lost touch over the years ... but I am sparkling on ...

You can call me "SparkleBliss" if you like ....

SKIN: [Hush] Lily Skin Honey Ravish
EYES: ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
LASHES: [Hush] BONUS Lush Lashes
EARRINGS: Sonatta Morales Spiral Earrings
RING: Addiction Diamond Snowflake Cocktail Ring v2
SHOES: - My Pretty Pixels- Bow High Heels Shoes - Sculpted feet - Purple
GOWN: Son!a Alfil2 formal lilac
POSES: Fly Lily

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