Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The War on Terror.


I worked somewhere that was haunted once. I am not going to say where it was because it is ... seriously haunted .... and it is still in operation and I doubt anyone wants a bunch of people showing up demanding to see the ghosts ... (except maybe the ghosts ...)


They told me it was haunted when I started workig there and I didn't believe them at first and thought people were playing tricks .... and then I figured that my hair was standing up on the back of my neck only because subconsciously they had gotten to me .... BUT when someone starts walking towards you in the dark and you realize that no-one like that came into the place and you look and as they keep coming closer you realize they are not real and they seem intent on coming right up to you ... I don't know ... probably to kill you or something.... well that is when you sort of stop trying to be logical about it and just scream and run .....


I was wearing a long tight dress and heels and I still managed to leap over a counter that came to my chest and lay on the floor hanging on to the leg of one of the other employees and crying for my mommy.  

She was a no show. 

She did that to me quite often.

It was not my proudest moment. I learned to not complain about the living staff because cattiness I can handle ... someone wanting to possess you is a little stifling and frankly ... they never covered that in my "life skills" class.

That is why I have started to campaign that they include "death skills" in all life skill classes across the country so that no other kid ever has to be traumatized by being unprepared to work with ghosts. I intend to blame first the parents for not preparing their kids properly, and then blame the schools for not teaching it and then insist the government form some kind of committee to study the problem and enact laws that force all children to have to attend some form of ghost prep class before they can graduate.  This is real terror that we should be declaring war on.

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