Saturday, May 12, 2012



I love it when people put waterfalls in their yards.   I really love waterfalls.


I really like it when you see men get out there and plot and plan and create and build this awesome super duper waterfall because I think when some men get to a certain age, they begin to lower their expectations for being the super sports star, the president of a multi billion dollar company, or the man with the hot car and the young honey on their arm. They turn their hand to being the biggest or the best or the first in anything they can dream up in the art of "yard wars."

So when one neighbour put out a quiet little waterfall nestled in their garden for their own quiet enjoyment, the other neighbour had the super trucks deliver 800 tons of rocks and the industrial crane to move them into position and he built himself one hell of a waterfall in his front yard. I was afraid he was going to fall over he was peacock strutting so diligently around his yard .... and then he invited his friends over, and he threw the switch and the waterfall began .....


and it leaked ....everywhere ....

It is hard to move 800 tons of rock to get to the leak you know and so 5 years later there is a pile of rocks in his front yard and I am really impressed that the other men in the neighbourhood were able to restrain themselves and not try for 900 tons of rocks for their front yard.

There is SOME evidence of evolution taking place before our very noses after all  ....

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