Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seize the Moment and the Cinammon Buns.


I hate being behind the times. You know when you have this great idea and you gather around the boss and all the other big wigs and you stand on the conference room table and announce the big idea, and have slides and dancing puppets followed by finger sandwiches and coffee? And then everyone is looking at their shoes or their hands and clearing their throats ...


And then the boss whispers to his admin who leaves the room and comes back and hands you a folder and you open it and it is entitled - "The Big Disaster of 1996" and there are pictures of people being fired and of the police cars swarming all over the place and bodies being carried out .... oh ... and it was the idea you just presented???

Well that is not what I am talking about here. That's when you go whew ... thank heavens I DIDN'T come up with THAT idea first.

I am talking about when you get handed the folder entitled "The Big SUCCESS of 1996" and there is a picture of YOUR boss on the conference table with his dancing puppets holding a million dollar check for the idea you just presented. That sucks.

So now I just verbally diahhrea ideas all over the place. And here is one now. Exercise for the fashionista. Vogue Chi. Dress up nice - forget the loose fitting white pajamas and pose and breathe and move the chi and your arms at the same time. Set up a camera to take pics at the same time, pout your lips and smile with your eyes.


Then sit down to a big ass plate of freshly baked cinammon buns and coffee because you will be exhausted and you need to let the sweat dry before someone knocks on your door with a big check for coming up with the best idea ever.

(Only you should think of something else cause if you do Vogue Chi then you will get the folder I am talking about with a pic of me and my million dollar check, followed by a letter from me saying "I told you so.")

SKIN:  WOW Skins Iris  [:ME:] Socordia V2 Medium Skintone
HAIR:  Analog Dog DIVE
EYES:  ! IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Verdigris Pale
EYESHADOW:  ME Guila Eyeshadow
LASHES:  *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Flair*
NECKLACE:  [CERES] Tribus Midas Gold
CUFF:  alaMood Hammered Gold Cuff
DRESS:  *BeReckless* Tie Neck Mesh Maxi Dress  Peach
SHOES:  BM Ultimate Lily

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