Monday, June 18, 2012

Falling Over Fashion.


Sometimes the news leaves me howling with laughter (mainly whenever Tony Abbott opens his mouth or wears a speedo ) and then other times the news just makes me weep (strangely this is also often when Tony Abbott opens his mouth or wears a speedo)


But I do like to keep up on all the news. There is so much stuff going down these days, important things ... like did you see the video of the guy giving his wedding speech and his pants just fall down right there? Like we want to see that one in the photo album all gauzy and prettied up ...

And then they had this whole discussion elsewhere about the pants off the butt fashion thing.

And I feel sorry for all these people because we all laugh but we don't seem to want to discuss the elephant in the room folks .... they just DO NOT make elastics like they used to.

Come on .... our foremothers had steel elastic in their clothing but especially in their underwear.  Where the heck do you think anyone ever came up with the idea that steel girders could hold all that weight?  But now .... today ... they don't care.   Somewhere there is an elastic Tycoon laughing and rubbing his hands together as he counts his money saying things like "have another  cheese burger mom" and writing on bathroom walls "will do anything for chocolate" and signing Jenny Craigs name.

When you look at those poor undernourished teen age boys whose pants cannot stay up ... what chance do the middle aged have?


I am tired of being arrested because my clothes keep falling off all the time in public.  I am not sure why the excuse 'it is the new fashion look' does not fly but I cannot believe how testy those church people get when your skirt falls off in the middle of a hymn.

How Christian is that?

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