Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Food and Children or Men (Whichever).


I like food challenges. You know when the kid/man throws down the gauntlet and says that they hate something and never eat it? That's when I plump up my breasts, fling my cape over my shoulder, hike up the leotards, and take one on for mankind.


So when my one daughter painstakingly picked out every piece of purple cabbage out of her salad insisting she HATED it, I bought green cabbage to put in the salad. She ate it for several weeks, declaring that she loved those green crunchy bits the best. I loved telling her she had been eating cabbage.

When my one son (and please, if you are reading this oh picky eater son - turn the computer off now) hated everything fish, I forbade anyone to ever disclose to him what ceasar salad dressing was made up of. I haven't done the big reveal with him yet because sometimes it is more fun to just sit and watch him eat all that salad ... when everyone else is in on the joke but him.

When my son in law said he hated sour cream, I made my special dish with sour cream and said nothing. I was heavily anticipating the moment of reveal the next day when I proved, once again, that ideas and attitudes about food are all in your head.


I wanted to do the reveal, I really did, but when the paramedics were loading him into the back of the ambulance, they said no-one could ride with him ... I mean it might not have been the sour cream right .... it could have been the liver or the pineapple...

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