Sunday, June 24, 2012

Higher Learning.


I know I was only 16 when I started university but I really had this expectation that the people who attended "higher learning" were of a "higher intelligence." No-one told me that the people who attended were probably there because they needed remedial training because they couldn't get "it" in 12 years. This is probably the biggest reason I was there but I can safely say .... I was not the most remedialest ...


You know when some of the guys decided to "streak the awards dinner" for all the sports teams and they thought to wear balaclava's so no-one would know who they were but failed to notice the various tables labelled "basketball," "hockey," etc. and umm ... several of the "hockey table" chairs were suddenly empty - OH and one of them had a cast on his arm which, unfortunately the balaclave did NOT cover???  Well you kind of realize you are amongst the intellectually impaired.

They were really fun mind you ... just not that smart.

And then when everyone was stealing the furniture from the Uni lounges to furnish their own apartments (I mean kegs and beer boxes have limited uses no matter how many doilies you put over them)the Uni started putting up more cameras. So a bunch of guys from the football team, who were a little slow on getting in on the action when the action was happening ... decided to go for the outdoor furniture. They thought themselves brilliant to think of stealing furniture from where there were no cameras and were so proud when 12 of them could lift the cement bench into the back of the truck, but not quite as proud when the rear axle snapped.

In fairness to the jocks, of which I was one, that was back in the day before Hollywood made all those "cry me a liver" movies about atheletes who failed to get educations while they were hanging out at the University and their parents and coaches and agents and all those busybodies who interfered and insisted they not only get an education but that they had to maintain their grades in order to play.  Damn if they had imposed those rules back then we would not have survived.  Most of the hockey team enrolled, played hockey, dropped out and then enrolled again for the semester when hockey season started.  AND they got all the classes they wanted, excused all the time for practice and games, and passed.  And you wonder about the state the world is in ...


I got to play basketball, travel, argue with my teachers, drink a whole lot, burn my bra and meet some cool people and the thing is that my grandparents paid for the whole thing. It was like going to summer camp for 4 years sans the beaded pemmican bags, poison ivy and the whittled whistles. (oh and the hickey's ... see I did learn something ...)

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