Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It Is All In The Braid.


It is a rule that if you are a farm girl you must wear braids. Some people might not know that rule applies on the prairies but it does. We are like Heidi only our "goats" are bigger and go "moo." Also ... we are not quite as fond of cheese.


I blame "Little House on the Prairie" for the fashion trend. Not that television was around when Laura Ingills wrote the books but she drew pictures and she was Farrah Fawcetting and Jennifer Anistoning your great grandmothers.

All farm girls had to wear braids, mainly because young girls wore braids, women did their hair up in buns, and only sluts wore their hair down and flowing. Men could not control themselves around unbound hair and cutting your hair was out because men liked the idea of having the option of the church going wife with her hair up or the out of control sex kitten with her hair down AND because pixie cuts were not yet in vogue mainly because it was hard to get that crisp line with sheep shears.

My brother used that to insist I had to be the "Indian" to his "Cowboy" even though being bare chested with buckskin looked much better on him. Not that either of us had ever seen a real Indian as the government had tidied up the prairies and locked them all safely away long before we came along. They didn't want any truth getting in the way of our indoctrination so we just watched the movies on television like the rest of the kids.


And then the 70's hit and the boys braided their hair and the girls bared their chests. Everyone was having sex regardless of hair length, marriage, or church. Farmers everywhere were so confused.

I think that may have been when Brokeback Mountain happened.

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