Saturday, June 9, 2012

Laundry Day Used to be SO Uneventful.


In Canada, you collect the laundry from under the beds, the closet corners, and the gym bags, you deposit it in the machine, add soap ... go do something else, return, move it from the washing machine to the dryer .... go do something else, return, take it out, fold it or hang it up and put it away. No drama. (well sometimes when the men do it you get a red tshirt in with your white things but other than that everyone survives.)


In Australia you hang your laundry outside to dry - hence the preoccupation with the weather. I would assume it also makes it easier for the census people in that, even if no-one is home, you just have to check the laundry hanging out to know basically who lives there. I must admit I have also seen people pointing and laughing at some of the "underwear" hanging out there and lets just say there is no need to name and shame anyone around here ....everyone literally airs their dirty laundry - well technically "clean" laundry.

The problem is that when you get you laundry back in it is not uncommon to put it on and discover bird poop. Nor is it uncommon to put it on and discover a huge spider is already wearing your favourite blouse and not happy about sharing it (not that I was either.) Screaming and swearing seems to fall on deaf ears - Aussies have no compassion for the "ick response" to bird poop or the terror response to large spiders.

The shrug with "well you have bears that kill people, we have spiders, no difference" is not in any book anywhere as an appropriate compassionate response to a woman's terror.

I would just like to point out that at least in Canada, if a bear were in your house, you would know it. If it pooped on your clothes, you would see it before you put them on. If a bear were to come in with the laundry there would be no need to scream or exhibit the "ick response" because you would be dead. No-one would cuddle the bear and gently carry it outside. I doubt the coroner even would cuddle my dead body.


However, we are heading over to Canada again soon and I fully intend on hiring a bear and leaving him somewhere near hubby's sock drawer. I can't wait for the screams so I can "tsk tsk" and ask him if he doesn't think he is being a tad over dramatic?

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