Saturday, June 30, 2012

Letting Go.


Growing up can be really tough on both the parents and the child. All those baby steps along the way where you have to finally let go and sometimes, yes, you even have to push a little .. sometimes more firmly .... as in shoving, or using your boot.


You have to be sensitive to how difficult it can be for the child.  We all identify with the tears of mother as she takes her child to school for the first time ... realizing that her child is growing up and away from her.  We are also familiar with how difficult that move can be for the child ... the first day without mom there to reassure, to protect, to kiss the boo-boo's better....

Then there are all kinds of little moments that a mother carries in her heart ... the first time they learned to ride a bike and then rode it out of sight .... the first time they earned their own money .... the first time they drove, dated .... were arrested .... well, you get my drift ....

It seems, through most of those the angst is all the mom's and the child gallops forward into life, wanting to experience it all, even when they have no idea of the dangers involved ...

But you can't judge the world by everyone else's kid ... you can only deal with yours.  Search your heart and do what is right, no matter how painful ....


Which is why I told my child that he just had to learn to go out in public now without the harness on anymore.  People were really starting to look at him funny ...

... now that he is 30 ....

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