Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Luv My Pixels Bella and Allie.

Luv My Pixels Bella

Did you know that the Drivers License People are really grumpy and that they are clearly only let out of the box to stand at the counter and annoy serve their customers? It's true. I took in a picture of Bliss and asked them to issue my drivers license in her name on account of her weight and height is less and more than mine, she is much more beautiful, she has a greater wardrobe, she can fly, AND the ink from those fingerprinting pads does not stain her fingers.

They told me they couldn't do that. I asked them why not and they told me that it wouldn't be "Bliss" driving the car and I asked them who they think drives Bliss if it is not me. No-one else has my password .... they could polygraph me on that. I told them I would carry my lap top with me at all times and make Bliss available for any sobriety tests or questions the police might have AND I was single in SL and free to date any police officers that were interested although it would definitely depend on which penis pack they purchased inworld.

I don't know why they refused and were getting so testy about the whole thing.

Luv My Pixels Allie

I didn't back down. I told them when they read the secrets next week on SCD - they did not have to even give a moments thought about whether the nasty ones were about them. They would be! All of them .... even the ones that seemed to be talking about bloggers.


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