Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mirror's Enigma Acedia.

Mirror's Enigma Acedia

Contrary to popular thought the Color Blocking Fair is not selling coloured blocks and it is not just for Block heads ...meaning I am not the only one shopping there! There is however, a ton of colour, enough to make weak eyes bleed so make sure you wear shades - but they have to be cool shades on account of you want to blend with the quality of the products offered.

These hot packages are part of the exclusive bundles created by Ydreece Forster of Mirror's Enigma Skins for the Color Blocking Fair 2012. They include a preview of her new skin Acedia - not yet available instore AND one of the outfits shown here along with lots of other options and goodies. These are available only at the Color Blocking Fair and although they will be sold at the store afterwards, they will not be bundled.

I so wish we had green lipstick back in the day ... how I would have loved to show up at the breakfast table oh so nonchalant and eaten my porridge in front of my grandfather. We did not have piercings back then to put in your nose for shock value - well we did but they used them on the cows we were left to what we could wear or paint on our faces.

He told me one day I had so much make-up on I looked like a whore. Perfect!! The exact look I was going for.

I thought it was important, even in kindergarten to stand out from the rest of the My Little Pony and Sparkle Barbie dressed girls.

Mirror's Enigma

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