Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photo Envy.


I have a daughter in law that does amazing pics ... not that she tries, she just does amazing pics with her cell phone for crying out loud. Like I take a picture of someone in front of a water fountain and it looks like a tourist standing in front of a water fountain and she does the same thing and sun streams all nicely so that the water sparkles and she catches the spray at the right time so it softens the whole picture and it looks like she captured an angel ....


Right now all her pics have this sort of vintage 50's feel to them - with happy children, happy home, happy family ...   Those kids will be 8 and feeling nostalgic - the pics evoke that much of a feel for the era. Clearly she has a talent for arranging her life and the people in it so that they are photogenic and it all works.

I went back and pulled out all the old photos from my childhood and even though they are all faded and coloured that way because of time they still do not inspire nostalgia.


I blame it on the people I had to work with. There is just no denyng it. We all look like a bunch of dummies looking for a crash test. You would think that we might have taken off the safety helmets for at least the wedding photos.

SKIN:  AKERUKA Blanca skin Group Gift
HAIR:  Vanity Hair::Sunset Blvd.-blacks
EYES:  IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Trojan Blue
LASHES:  *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Flair*
DRESS:  Paris Metro Couture:s'agapw mazi mu - Ore (B)
JEWELLERY:  {me.} Aster

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