Sunday, June 3, 2012

Polka Dot Confusion.


Probably one of the biggest detriments to my fashion journey was polka dots.


I blame those people who make those ridiculous colouring books with "connect the dot" exercises. Lets be serious here folks, talk about lazy ...

"Let's put a kitty on this page."

"Nah, can't be bothered, just put some dots around and let the kids draw it themselves."

OR: "We want to put a unicorn dancing with a fairy on this page."

"I suck at unicorns, I'll just throw some dots around and number them and let the kid draw it."

So they sell colouring books that are missing half the pictures. This conditioned me. I saw dots and I thought ... "hmmm ... wonder where the unicorn is" and I would take out my marking pen, and start connecting. ... I thought those women wore those polka dot dresses to church for kids to play with so they would be quiet. You know... like those quietbooks they sew where you button and unbutton things etc. Evidently material is quieter than paper ...don't blame me ... blame the mommies that have nothing better to do than to plot how to keep kids quiet which is not natural ... I would just like to point out. AND it is spirit crushing. My spirit is a quadriplegic from all the church "shushing" I was abused with.

You cannot imagine my disappointment when there wasn't any unicorn to be found ... or a fairy .... or a kitty ...


Thank heavens I could lay on the floor and sniff the marking pen until the feeling of disappointment passed and I began to see angels ...

For some reason my grandparents liked me better when I was stoned .... it suited their religious beliefs and gave them a break from all that "shushing."

SKIN:   *OC* Alena skin - rage
EYES:  IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Blue
OUTFIT:  *MLC* Prima Donna Pink Dots : by Mohna Lisa Couture
JEWELLERY:  Donna Flora ALMA white #1 set
POSES:  Pose Sinfully

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