Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Survivor Packs.


I always saw the nice pics of ladies riding their bikes with flowers or a kitten in their basket but we did not have time for niceties on the prairies.


If we rode a bike anywhere we had to be ready for a blinding snowstorm or duststorm, for bands of marauding cowboys or cows that might take us hostage, for the possibility that we might become hurt, lost, disorientated, or that the world would actually go to hell in a handbasket and accidentally leave us behind ... OR that we might discover NEW land. Hence, our bike baskets had to be filled with our survival gear.

We packed a raw potato to eat (yes all farmers had worms). We had a canteen of warm milk that we could always throw wild saskatoons into once it soured and pretend it was yogurt - except we didn't know about yogurt then - we just called it "sour lumpy milk" - with or without berries. We had wheat seeds - because a farmer is nothing without his wheat and we could start a farm anywhere. We had the latest eidtion of Cow Digest and Super Robo Combines. And of course we had several pieces of flannel plaid that once planted, multiplied and grew and would allow us to be both clothed and quilt. Some people actually think that they called the prairies a "quilt" because up in the air when you look down all the different fields look like a giant quilt with the various crops but if you landed the plane you would find a lot of really old kids, lost with rusted bikes, with fields of flannel. They would be making quilts and itching a lot (because of the worms).

Once I tried to put a dolly in my basket - because I was just a little girl, only about 3 .... and besides I liked to see my brother cry when I took his doll.  My grandparents picked it up and asked me if I thought I could eat a doll?  If I had considered that planted dolls just play dead or that having a doll could make me an easy target for those marauding cowboys ... on account of they like dolls too and everyone knows a doll slows you down. 

I was so ashamed.  I punched my brother twice and then buried the doll.  (They really do play dead.)


I know people like to wax romantic about the prairie farmer and his stud muffinly ways but I am here to expose the raw truth. I am kind of like wikileaks but I have no idea what a wiki is ... I just know I am leaking all over the place ....

HAIR:  Alice Project - Helalyn - Brown
EYES:  IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Verdigris Pale
LASHES:  *ByKay* ~ Eyelashes ~ *Flair*
BLOUSE:  [Amarelo Manga] - Summer Tunic "MOD/004" [Golf Green]
SKIRT:  [Chloe] Skirt Nathany Snake
BOOTS AND SOCKS:  *GF* GroupGift :: Gina Boots -clover-(MESH)

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