Monday, June 4, 2012

We Paid the Price, But Look How Much We Gained.


I have no idea what movie I was watching Saturday morning .... I had some mind numbing crap to do on the computer and it was bucketing rain and so I turned the television on to keep me company.


I was just in time to see a couple in a boat go overboard and she, drowning, as he tried to rescue her, was pulling him under with her.
So he slapped her, knocked her unconscious and said "stupid woman" as he swam for shore.

She of course was thrilled to be rescued by such a manly man, recognized her own frail nature, and said nothing about the slap.

To be fair the movie was in black and white so it may have not looked quite as bad if I had some colour to distract me.

Clearly the movie was done way before Women's Lib drew a line in the sand and demanded women be treated with the dignity they deserved.


So I turned the channel and watched a bunch of women parade around half naked, fighting over the chance to be asked to marry some bachelor who was busy dating 24 girls at once because love is never quite so magical as when it is contrived for television ratings. I wiped my furrowed, fevered brow and thought .... Thank God for progress.

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